Mining Electroneum

Electroneum mining with your CPU and GPU is relatively easy. Follow this tutorial and start mining Electroneum today!

This method works with the following operation systems:


All screenshots in this tutorial are taken from APPLE OSX installation procedure, but the process should be pretty similar with all operation systems. If you can install and run programs on your operation system, you should be able to handle this.

Step 1: Register to Minergate to download GUI Miner

1. Go to: and click the ”Sign Up” on the upper right corner of the homepage.

Signup to Minergate

2. Fill the registration form, verify the reCAPTCHA and click ”Sign up & start mining”.

Fill in the details to register cryptocurrency mining account

Step 2: Download and install Minergate GUI miner

After signing up, you should land on the download section of the Minergate website. Minergate automatically detects your operations system and offers you the suitable version of their GUI Miner. If you scroll down you can see download options for other operation systems also.

Download the Minergate GUI Miner software

Download and install the GUI Miner software!

Step 3: Configure the Minergate GUI Miner

When you open the Minergate GUI Miner you need to navigate to ”OTHER POOLS” tab at the top (if your GUI Miner does not show this option you need to enable it from View → Show other pools).

Minergate GUI Miner Interface view

Add the following settings:

Display name: Whatever you like to add here. For example Pool 1

Pool URL:

Pool Login: Your Electroneum public wallet address (if you don´t have one, go to and get one by signing up).

Add pool details for Electroneum cryptocurrency

Click ”Add pool” on the right!

Step 4: Start mining

To start mining you just need to click the start button from the CPU section. If your GPU is supported, you do the same for the GPU section. I took the screenshots with a computer that did not have supported GPU so the screenshots show GPU Mining ”not available”.

Start mining Electroneum (ETN)

Supported GPU´s: (direct quote from

”Currently we support NVidia cards with CUDA version 7.5, compute capability >2.0 and AMD cards with OpenCL 1.2; latest official drivers should be installed.
What’s more, for Ethereum mining your card should have at least 2 GB of RAM. This limitation is due to the size of Ethereum’s DAG file, which is constantly growing.”

See mining stats and set number of cores and GPU intensity

If you added the pool address that I used in the example, youre now mining on Electroneum VIP pool. You can see your mining stats in the url: (Insert your wallet address to see the stats. Note that there is delay in the stats and those are not 100% accurate. You can always see your hashrate in the mining program.).

You can choose the number of cores from you CPU that you would like to use for mining. Usually the more cores you use equals to higher hashrate. For GPU you can set the intensity which works the same way.

Mining other coins

If you like to try to mine other coins than Electroneum, you can use the Minergate GUI Miner´s ”SMART MINER”tab. The smart miner automatically mines the most profitable cryptocurrency at the moment. You should benchmark your system before using this option. To benchmark your system just click ”BENCHMARK” from the top and then click ”Start Benchmark”. The system will check your systems hashrates for different algorithms. After running the benchmark you can start the ”SMART MINER”. To see stats and balances for the coins you mine with the smartminer you need to log in to your account and go to the dashboard section of your account. There you can see your balances for different coins, withdraw your coins and trade the mined coins.

You can find this and other useful Electroneum tutorials from

If you dont have Electroneum wallet and you just want to test your CPU and GPU hashrate, or you would like to donate some hashing power in exchange for this tutorial: etnk5X5kLm2H1c8yDumhhzhtZ8vNXJ7zw9BMyU1T7ec9XWGg595Cmfk9js2F41topUjWPtxv3wRmwXtvBLvDkZbj8wfwC44cxi

Article Credit goes to —

Upcrypto ETNMiningPool INFO

Connection Details

 Mining Pool Address:

Mining Ports

 Port: 3333
 Starting Difficulty: 1000
 Description: Low end hardware
 Port: 5555
 Starting Difficulty: 5000
 Description: Mid range hardware
 Port: 7777
 Starting Difficulty: 20000
 Description: High end hardware
 Port: 1111
 Starting Difficulty: 1000
 Description: Web Miner (Coming Soon)
 Port: 8888
 Starting Difficulty: 400000
 Description: Nicehash

For  Windows users new to mining

You can  Download and run easy miner that has a CPUMiner and GPUMiner with the proper parameters to mine are pool.

Mining Apps

 App Name  Architecture  Downloads  Discussion  Source Code
CPUMiner (forked by LucasJones & Wolf) CPU BitcoinTalk BitcoinTalk Github
Example: minerd -a cryptonight -o stratum+tcp:// -u YOUR_WALLET_ADDRESS -p x
YAM Miner (by yvg1900) CPU MEGA Twitter Proprietary 
Example: yam -c x -M stratum+tcp://
Claymore CPU Miner CPU BitcoinTalk BitcoinTalk Proprietary 
Example: NsCpuCNMiner64 -o stratum+tcp:// -u YOUR_WALLET_ADDRESS -p x
Claymore GPU Miner OpenCL (AMD) BitcoinTalk Discussion Proprietary 
Example: NsGpuCNMiner -o stratum+tcp:// -u YOUR_WALLET_ADDRESS -p x
ccminer (forked by tsiv) CUDA (Nvidia) Github BitcoinTalk Github
Example: ccminer -o stratum+tcp:// -YOUR_WALLET_ADDRESS -p x

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